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How to Apply Duplicate PAN Card

In case, you are having the awareness regarding PAN number, then go through the Q-2 or go through the both questions.
Q-1- I don’t know my PAN card number and how would I get the same?
Ans.1-If you want to find your PAN card number, then just log on to the following website-


There are some other ways as well and they are as follows-

  1. It is recommended to check the returns of Income tax, that have been filed
  2. Any credit card
  3. Check Bank account and Demat account
  4. Check the covering letter of PAN card
  5. You can also go through PAN application foil numbers and these were obtained during the PAN application tome. If your slip is comprising of acknowldegement number and that is in fifteen numbers, it is one of the NSDL applications. If it would comprise of nine digit and nine digit; coupon number and then it would be UTITSL application. If you are having these numbers, then go through following-

NSDL for the 15 Digit:


UTIISL for the 9 Digit


Once, you have got PAN number, apply for duplicate Pan and this is the way-
Q-2) what is the procedure for applying duplicate card PAN?
A.2- Users are requested to fill the form and that would be named as Request for the new card PAN and corrections required in PAN card.
You can get more details on website-


When you are applying for the duplicate PAN card, it is similar to fresh card. You would be required to pay Rs.5 for obtaining application form and Rs.67 as the fee. It is imperative to provide all the requisite documents that you have submitted with the new one.
How to avail forms-


People are recommended that they should avoid lodging a FIR for the same.

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